List of the released setup files

version Mar 2014 (WINDOWS, 64bit)


  • NEW: Laue simulator is now working, possible to save simulated images to hbin format.
  • NEW: Integration of Laue norm to Esmeralda
  • NEW: Color theme of Laue image and size of the peak is now remembered for next opening of Esmeralda
  • CHANGE: Size of the peak is now adjusted in preferences dialog
  • FIX: Automatic updating to newest version is working with new website. 
  • FIX: few crashing possibilities fixed

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Latest nightly builds

Rev. 54 (3/16/2014)
[FIX] Fixed automatic checking of the new version
[FIX] Minor changes in about dialog

Rev. 51 (3/15/2014)
[NEW] color theme is now saved to registry
[NEW] size of the peak symbol is saved to registry
[NEW] size of the peak is now changed in preferences
[DEV] Laue simulator in alpha stage, not fully working