Welcome to Esmeralda Laue Suite!

The Esmeralda program is the main GUI for the Esmeralda Laue Suite. It is a program in strong current development and a series of bugs are still present. The program allows reading Laue image files (TIF, bin, raw or hbin formats) in order to perform a series of tasks.

Welcome to Laue Suite project

The present distribution of Esmeralda Laue Suite contains a suite of crystallographic programs that will be increased regularly for handling Laue data. The different programs can be run either in stand alone form (from a console window or by clicking directly in a shortcut) or from the Esmeralda program.

How to become a betatester of this software?

Whole suite and its documentation is currently under developement. You are welcomed to join our team as a betatester:

  1. register to EPN campus forge.
  2. write e-mail to Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal with your registered username and he will add you as a Reporter to SXtalSoft.
  3. raise new issues in the Forge software and follow latest developement.