About Esmeralda

Laue suite is designed to provide easy access to whole Laue treatment process.

Whole Esmeralda Laue Suite contains, but is not limited to, these features:

Peak finding

There are implemented two automatic routines for peak finding and of course manual method of adding experimental peak.

Orienting angles

Three automatic algorithms are implemented

  • Comparison observed and calculated angles between reflections
  • Stepwise rotation around nodals
  • Brute force orientation finding

User can also orient the sample automatically or use stereographic projection as a usefull help.

Instrument and sample refinement

Carrefull refinement of all instrumental and sample parameters, including detector offsets, unit cell parameters or image distortions (by Chebychev polynomials).

Pattern integration

Parameters for integration are only size of circles around each reflection which to integrate and size of the border of these circles. From the intensity in the border, background is calculated and then subtracted. Esmeralda is also able to take into account the overlap of the close reflections.

And more

To explore all features of Esmeralda Laue Suite, download the program and try it! Or look at our wikipedia for full Reference guide.